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[Sat, Jul 2nd, 05 @ 7:49pm]
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[Sat, Jul 2nd, 05 @ 5:18pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i havn't updated in a long time. wow, the livejournal saga is starting again. i'm kind of addicted to myspace now. summer is good, i suppose, i mean europe is good. ok, i really don't know what to say...

I wanna be loved by you

[Sun, Apr 24th, 05 @ 12:59pm]
The Performing Arts Center
The Spring Showcase 2005

Its on May 21 and 22. Saturday and Sunday.
There are 2 shows each day
Saturday May21
Sunday May22
everyone should come!!!!!
comment and/or call me if you want tickets cause they sell out really fast!!!
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[Fri, Apr 15th, 05 @ 1:51pm]
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[Wed, Apr 6th, 05 @ 10:50am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

wow i havent updated in a REALLY long time. louise hates me, actually she has started to ignore me, actually she ignores pretty much everyone except tb, ab, kw, and pt and sumtimes el, bb, and tm. ugh it SUCKS what am i doing wrong, i work my ass off and know what i'm doing come to class ask good questions???? WHAT DOES SHE WANT ME TO DO????? i mean seriously. in the evaluation she told me i was fine and that she was going to pick on me more???? um...when is she going to start???? i know im not the best but im definatly not the worst. ugh...she makes me sooooo mad sumtimes, why can't she just flat out say what she wants us to do instead of completely ignoring us , i would rather have her yell at me and make me cry then have her ignore me!!!!! OMG why the hell can't she just tell me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
ew...she makes me mad

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[Sat, Jan 22nd, 05 @ 1:01pm]
FINALS.........................ahhh..........................i think i might die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna be loved by you

[Tue, Jan 11th, 05 @ 9:58am]

no school for TWO DAYS!!!!!!!

the RAIN is amazing. i love the rain!!!!!!!!


since no one had school i had some pretty cool convos.....

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[Sat, Jan 8th, 05 @ 4:50pm]


Happy New Year!!!!


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[Sun, Jan 2nd, 05 @ 11:57am]
[ mood | bored ]

so i am bored as usual...
REALLY random pics from nutcracker
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[Sat, Jan 1st, 05 @ 8:15pm]
[ mood | content ]


~things to get done in 2005~


-get a boyfriend

-turn 17...ahhhhhhh

-get a dog

-be a better person/dancer

-get an A in english

-meet my mom(not going to happen but w/e)

-visit France 10billion times



<marquee>~Happy New Year~Love, Remi~</marquee>

I wanna be loved by you

[Fri, Dec 31st, 04 @ 9:05am]

Pics from San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry about the different sizes my dad did some weird thing to the camera)LOL

The Golden gate bridge




cable car!!!!


Our Hotel room



Pool                                             Lobby



The Palace Hotel  Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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[Fri, Dec 24th, 04 @ 11:59am]
[ mood | excited ]

ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i'm in france staying with my grandparents. mollies family is coning over tonight and then we are going over there tommorrow.
yeah, i love France!!!

Miss everyone in LA

love u guys,

I wanna be loved by you

[Wed, Dec 22nd, 04 @ 3:35pm]
[ mood | blah ]

First Best Friend: mollie Bouchon
First Crush: michael DeViner
First Date: see above
First Kiss: see above
First Album/CD:no idea
First Piercing/Tattoo: ears
First True Love: um..
First Enemy: Ariel Fabineh
First Time Dying My Hair: last month
First Formal Dance: in 7th grade
First Time Breaking A Bone: NEVER
First Time Getting Really Sick: When I was little sometime?

Last Cuss Word Uttered: merde(shit)
Last Compliment: my dad lol
Last/Current boy/girlfriend: danny
Last Crush: um....
Last Time Driving: like an hour ago
Last Kiss:few months ago
Last Good Cry: like 1o minutes ago
Last Movie Seen: nepolean dynamite(i own it)
Last Phone Call:shaylie
Last Thing Written: this thing
Last Show Watched: jack and bobby(TEVO)
Last Time Showered: like 3 hours ago
Last Shoes Worn: my slippers
Last Person That You Saw Naked Besides You: someone from dance during nutcracker???
Last CD Played: damion rice
Last Item Bought: jacket
Last Piercing/Tattoo: my stomach

I AM: Remi Sabine Vartan
I WANT: lots of things...
I HAVE: feet
I WISH: that i could be happy
I MISS: mollie/france
I FEAR: failure
I HEAR: my dad showering
I LOVE: my friends/family
I DANCE: everyday
I SING: sometimes

Do You...?
take a shower everyday: yes
have a(any) crush(es): maybe
think you've been in love: never
want to get married: if i find the right guy
have any tattoos/where?: No
piercings/where?: my ears/stomach
get motion sickness: YES!!!!
get along with your parent: sometimes
think you're a health freak: sorta maybe

SCREEN NAMES: wonderland1670
EYE COLOR: green

I wanna be loved by you

[Mon, Dec 20th, 04 @ 6:02pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Your Sweet Dream (female oriented)
by Magenta_Sparrow
The man in your dreamAston Kutcher
The settinga majestic forest with fairys
What you did togetherMake sweet love
The endinghe turned into a frog
What wakes you updog licking your face
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I wanna be loved by you

[Mon, Dec 20th, 04 @ 11:38am]
[ mood | tired ]

This entry is dedicated to Cindy Fukuyama

I'm sorry you died....because you were AMAZING


Nutcracker is over(tear)

-singing christmas songs in the dressing room is fun.

-i have soooooo much candy from nutcracker!!!

-i love my dance friends/class:

Alexia, Blair, Nina, Tania, Maddy, Diane, Gianina, Shawna, Rachel K., Andrea, Tracey, Kayla S., Megan, Paleny, Kira,  Genevieve, Sabrina, Emily B., Alex, Kaeli, Elyse, Rebecca, Kayla G., Elena, Brittany, Georgi, Emily L., Anastasia, Natalie, Farnoosh, Alyssa, Becky, Rachel S., Lauren, Molly, Jocelyn, and Victoria(AND LOUISE!!!)

(and the guys-Damon, Matt, J.J.Eric and Joe)




Pics to come



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[Fri, Dec 17th, 04 @ 8:34pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]



yesterday was a long and tiring dress rehearsal(at the studio)...ahh show is next weekend!!

Sorry for the blurryness...



walts of the snowflakes     

dolls again             

jester....ooo tracey     ^ upside down in the air

clara (lauren) receives her nutcracker

Alexia as sugar plummm


entrance act II

waltz of the flowers

kira and genevieve (with bubba dean rambo ladies and gentlemen haha) in merliton

paleny and joe in spanish

tania as dew drop fairy in waltz of the flowers

stage left entrance of act II

Alexia, lauren, damon...crowning of clara

shawna....in rrrrrusian

grand pas with damon and Alexia


and again






joey talking to us...

~more pics to come from the show(at the theatre)~


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[Thu, Dec 16th, 04 @ 10:55pm]
[ mood | sore(again) ]

so...just got back from nutcracker dress rehearsal(at CSUN)
the dressing rooms are soooooo HOT, its REALLY annoying!!!!
we only had to run each act once instead of ten zillion times!!(its a record)
mice masks suck, so do false eyelashes.
the floor is slippery and i think i might fall
we have to be there THREE hours before the show starts!!!!! how crazy is that!!!
im really tired and im going to bed now


I wanna be loved by you

COME SEE NUTCRACKER!!!!! [Sat, Dec 11th, 04 @ 7:52pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Today was Nuctracker dress rehaersal #1.
thats=9:00am until 6:00pm of dancing nonstop and being yelled at.
false eyelashes suck. i don't no why thet make us wear them.
my feet and legs hurt sooooooo much right now.

Sarturday 12/18/04
4:00pm and 7:30pm

Sunday 12/19/04
1:00pm and 4:30pm

tickets=15 regular seating
20 reserved seating

its at California University of Northridge(its a collage)


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[Fri, Dec 10th, 04 @ 8:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Tommorrow is Nutcracker dress rehersal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!

I wanna be loved by you

[Sun, Dec 5th, 04 @ 5:33pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

*~*Do you think you're...*~*
(uh..duh LOL)Pretty
(no way) Ugly
(for my age) Skinny
(not really) Fat
(kinda) Smart
(no) Perfect
(oh yeah...) Beautiful
(sure y not) Popular
(nope) A Freak
(no) Stereotypical
(sometimes...its the new hair) Stupid
(ya sometimes) Ditzy
(yes) Girly
(no) Tomboy-ish
(sometimes) Normal
(usually) Crazy
(not usually) Depressed

*~*Do you...*~*

(no) Use people
(no) Hate your parent(s)
(not really..) Get a lot of mail
(ya kinda) Get a lot of email
(yep of course) Use AIM
(no) Use GAIM
(no) Use MSN
(no) Use ICQ
(no) Use YahooIM
(no wtf) Use IRC
(no ??) Use Trillian
(yesss) Own a cell phone
(no) Share a bedroom
(yeah) Like your house
(OMG YESSSS) Like poptarts
(never!!!) Spend over 5 hours online every day
(not anymore!) Play with dolls
(ya, who doesn't?) Have anxiety

*~*THIS or THAT*~*

Day/Night: Depends on what
Summer/Winter: winter
Spring/Autumn: spring
Blondes/Brunettes: Blondies rule ;o)
Book/Computer: Comp.
Walking/Jogging: Walking
Poetry/Short Stories: Short stories? I dunno
Reading/Writing: writing
Black/White: ? Depends once againnn
Friends/Family: Both
Drugs/Alcohol: Nada
Hug/Kiss: They're both nice
Gloves/Mittens: Gloves
Cats/Dogs: CATS
Sweater/Sweatshirt: Both
Fork/Spoon: SPOON LOL
Toast/Bagel: lol ummm...? No preference?
Streamers/Balloons: Balloons
Hamburgers/Hotdogs: None

*~*Just Some Questions on Love and Stuff*~*

Are You a Boy or Girl? Girl
Single or Taken? Single..
If Taken, For How Long? see above
If Single, Do You Have a Crush? Sure ;-*
First Kiss (when)? A few years ago
Do You Believe in Love? Yes
^^^ At First Sight? Maybe
Most Romantic Date Place? um...
First Date Place? Bat Mitzvah..I think???
Ever Been in Love? Not IN love
Ever Loved Someone? Ya

*~*Your Friends*~*

Best? They know who they are
Funniest? Tania
Loudest? Shaylie
Shyest?Emily(I still♥u
Nicest? Emily...YEAH!!!
Gives the best life advice?Mollie
Gives the best love advice? Julliet
Bitchiest? um...not answering
Snobbiest? I dunno
You Wish You Were Closer To...? A lot
Just Like You? mollie
Most Creative? Sahylie
Most Talkative? There are many
Best Singer? Anna Liah
Pisses you off? ?
Secretly Crushing On? If it's a secret (secretly crushing on), why tell??
Jealous Of? Ppl at different times I guess
Love Like a Sibling?Mollie,Shaylie,Anna Liah,Julliet,Emily and others...


Color: Green
Season: spring
Letter: R ;)
Number: 2
Movie: Romy & Michele's Highschool Reuniun
Disney Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Song: MANY...
Band: A lot
(Music) Artist: ^
Food: Pasta
Take Out Place: CPK
Boy Name: Brian
Girl Name: Sydney/Julia/Oleander
Fruit: blueberries
Vegtable: Cucumber is always a winner
Article of Clothing: Toughy
Soda: Shirley Temple
Drink: lemonade
Animal: cats
Teacher: um...
School Subject: Free period? lol
Sport: DANCE!!!!
Sport to Watch: Dance
T.V. Show: JACK AND BOBBY, ALIAS, Will and Grace, the amazing race, survivor....

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